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Despite all the amazing work the NHS is doing alongside doctors and scientists from across the world, COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon. Even with mass vaccination programmes underway, there are plenty of people in the UK who won’t be getting a vaccine jab in the coming months, and COVID-19 variations may disrupt the vaccination success rate.

A great deal of the UK’s workforce has been able to work from home, but there are thousands of workers who need to be on-site to carry out their roles. With this in mind, it’s important that all staff and clients are protected as much as possible from the virus with consistent, rapid-result workplace COVID-19 testing.

The Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock is urging firms with more than 50 employees to carry out regular rapid-result testing. Testrak can help you mitigate risk and ensure your staff doesn’t spread COVID-19.

How Does Testrak Work?

The Test:

When your employees come to work, they will be asked to provide a test sample from their nose, mouth or throat. The sample will be taken with the use of a swab — a small and absorbent piece of material secured to a plastic stick.

Once the test sample has been taken, you extract the sample using the tubes and tips provided and apply it to the indicated spot on the test cassette. Add a couple of drops from the buffer vial, and within 15 minutes the results will come through.

testrak fjeld consulting

The Track:

With the results in place, your company representative then enters the outcome into our mobile friendly database. Snapping a photograph of the results as an added layer of proof.
Tracking can be done from any mobile device, and the database will come preloaded with employee data, including which branch of your company they work for, and the initial test count.
Finally, the test result can be emailed to a technician, which can then be forwarded to clients for RAMS compliance.

Why Use Testrak?

Testrak provides you with a simple and effective way to avoid spreading Covid-19 in the workplace.

By using our system, you benefit from:

  • Finding asymptomatic but positive tests in the workplace
  • Speed: free NHS tests come with long queues, and you have no control over where the test is administered. Results can also take up to three days to come through.
  • Peace of mind: NHS tests cannot be tracked by employers. Our service helps you stay in the loop to protect the rest of your staff and clients.
  • Employee wellbeing: Any staff member who needs to be on-site should be protected and cared for. Consistent testing helps to keep employees and their families safe.
  • Win more clients: companies will always look to hire the safer option.

Is Testrak Right for You & Your Employees?

The Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock has stressed the importance of mass, rapid COVID-19 testing in the workplace for those who can’t do their jobs from home. Any company that is currently operating should be doing all they can to protect their staff, and Testrak gives companies the means to do so.
Our service is crucial given the current climate. Testrak provides you, your staff and clients with necessary support while also reducing the pressures on the NHS testing centres.
To help monitor COVID-19 and provide a safe workplace, get in touch with us to arrange Testrak for your business.

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